Daily Prompt: Generation

daily prompt 1


I look at my social network feeds and all I see are battlegrounds.

The recent election has caused so much uproar that it has incapacitated me to the point that I can’t process anything properly.

In a day and age wherein everyone’s opinion is right and should be respected, I never felt more at a loss for words.

I feel ignorant and much more of a nuisance. My participation greeted with sarcasm at best or received with a cold reception at worst. During a time wherein every word should matter, I have successfully turned myself into the ass, the clown, the petty child.

So I cower in paranoia, thinking way too much of people’s opinions of me. Even worse, I feel like a chewed up mass of unwanted food; spat out instantly and forgotten. They move on fast. Me, well, I’m still processing.

In a day and age wherein I should feel empowered by my anonymity, I am weakened far beyond help.

To have come so far only to go backwards.




*Photo: Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Generation

  1. I end up hiding so many posts on my FB feed because it feels so stressful and negative.

    I stay in Twitter na lang; a bit more peaceful, and full of Infinite. ❤

    (Kidding aside. I hope what you feel other people think of you won't prevent you from speaking out loud. You make so much more sense than a lot of people I know.)

    • Arigatou, Ate Meels! You and Danes have a way of making me feel better. You guys are like Marga whisperers. Hehe. I’m not very proud of the things I have done in the past as far as social networks are concerned but I have managed, so far, to calm down. I realized that being overly aggressive and angry all the time are things a woman my age shouldn’t be doing. Oh, I fail miserably on some occasions but I try to make up for it. In letting go of that part of me, I feel very susceptible and paranoid. Kaya during high-stress situations, I try to be “funny” on FB but it seems to backfire. I feel like some people’s posts are meant for me (even when they’re not). Parang nagiging hypersensitive ako.

      Thank you for your kind words, unnie. Most of all, thank you for understanding me.

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