Dearest Seok-jin,
I hope this letter finds you well.
There’s more to a group’s dynamics than harmonization and synchronization. Roles that require a member’s efforts to be in the shadows. Though this may be the case, it doesn’t make that member’s role any less important. Sometimes, these roles are key to a group’s success.

I always believe that for others to shine so brightly, someone has to dim down their own. When you’re the oldest, you either take the lead or take a step back. One thing remains the same though, you will always be that one central force that everyone will gravitate to. And remember, you will NEVER be the BLACK HOLE that sucks their lights out and leaves them lifeless.
You are the CORE that serves as their foundation and steadies their journey.
Own it.
Relish in it.
Soldier on.
RageNiikura (11.30.2016)

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