[Random Food Post] The Spicy Ramyeon Challenge

I have seen a several vloggers on YouTube who have tried the Spicy Noodle/Ramyeon challenge. I’ve always wanted to try this particular Ramyeon but it’s so hard to find in my area; atleast, it’s not available in the supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores that I frequent. I chanced upon this Ramyeon in a not-so-out-of-the-way convenience store located near a condotel that my friend and I stayed at in early April (2016). It is a Korean convenience store so I knew I would find it there.

I wanted to buy more than one but I didn’t know exactly how spicy it is. Take note, I love spicy food but I needed to determine first if: 1) I can actually handle the level of spiciness of this Korean Ramyeon, and 2) if I would actually like the flavor.


  1. It’s not as spicy as I thought it would be. Do take note though that I LOVE spicy food and I (may) have built a tolerance for it. If I weren’t a chili head, I might have ended up crying and sweating while eating this and I may not have finished it.
  2. The spice overwhelmed any other flavor this Ramyeon might have had. That’s all I can taste really. I was hoping it had more flavor dimension; then I realized, I’m eating Ramyeon (for crying out loud). There’s no such thing as “flavor dimension”.
  3. I probably won’t seek it like I did before. I’ve had far better (cup) Ramyeon that this. If I start seeing it in my local grocery store, I may consider buying it but won’t stock up on it.


Do you know of any other food challenges that I can do? Please leave a comment. 😉





I thought it was so spicy that I won’t be able to finish it buuuuuuut…


After the election

Magdadaan ang mga politiko at mga administrasyon. Dadating at aalis ang mga unos. Tataas at bababa ang palitan ng dolyar. Dadami ang mga pulong gustong sakupin ng Tsina. Hihina ang mga buto at mamumuti ang mga hibla ng buhok.

Pamilya at kaibigan, kahit anong saglit o haba ng pinagsamahan at pagsasamahan pa, ang nasa tabi mo. Kadamay mo, kasabay mo, kainuman mo; sumusuporta at nagmamahal.

Magkakaiba man ng adikhain at pananaw, alam natin na ang mga balotang sinagutan ay para sa ikabubuti ng kinabukasan nating lahat.

Ma, Pa, Tsong, Tsang, Bossing, Kaibigan. Salamat sa pagboto at pagiisip ng kinabukasan natin. Sama-sama nating haharapin lahat yan. Pa-unti-unti lang.

Mahal ko kayo. ❤

Kape tayo pag minsan.


Marked with indelible ink after submitting my ballot.

Marked with indelible ink after submitting my ballot. (May 9, 2016 Starbucks SM Southmall)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Before a century, a decade, a year, a month, an hour, and a minute passes, there are those precious little seconds within your day that takes place. A moment in time wherein changes take place.

About the photograph: It was the weekend and I just walked out of our condominium building. I looked up and saw this. The Sun has barely sunk; yet the Moon is already high up in the sky. The colors were far more vivid in real life and, granted that I was using a mobile phone to take a picture, the photograph does not give the view any justice at all.


John and Yoko: Oh so(-so) fly.

I have been very excited about the changes taking places in Alabang Town Center (ATC), ever since Ayala took down portions of the old mall to make way for new wings. The idea of all the new shops and restuarants made me want to run around like a kid on Christmas morning. I am more partial to the new restaurants because one, I am avid ‘window’ shopper; and two, I am an even more avid foodie. Since I only got around creating a new blog today, my past foodie adventures were left undocumented and, sadly, ‘un-photographed’ as well (thank you, telecommunications-company-who-will-remain-nameless for keeping me away from my iPhone 4). Anyway, my most recent food adventure revolved around John and Yoko.

No, I’m not pertaining to Lennon and Ono; rather, to the new Japanese fusion restaurant, located in the new wing of ATC. I’ve passed by the Greenbelt branch a couple of times and I was intrigued by it’s graphic interior. I am a lover of Japanese cuisine and mix that with the eye-candy, well, it’s safe to say I was hooked. I heard fairly good reviews from friends who have dined in the said restaurant. Luckily, my Mom (who has the biggest credit limit in the family, much to my Dad’s dismay) has taken on a foodie adventure herself, ever since she noticed the new restaurants popping up everywhere. John and Yoko is the latest dining experience we added to our belt (after Bulgogi Brothers and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro) and I’d like to share that with you.

First of all, I’m sad to say that John and Yoko did not really meet my expectations. The food was good, yes; but it wasn’t that great to separate it from the others. Like I said, I love the interior; maybe because anything that has to do with Japanese interior and structural design intrigues me. I like the plates that they provided, and the crockery where they placed their chili powder and soy sauce. We asked for smaller bowls so we can share the large serving of Ramen we ordered. I like the bowls but I found it awkward to use the small, soup ladels/spoons(what do you call those anyway) they provided; maybe because they were too ‘fat’ and too ‘shallow’ to be used comfortably. Of course, you can’t avoid the mass-manufactured chopsticks and paper napkins, typical of a Japanese fast food restaurant.

Plate and chopsticks.

Random crockery with chili powder and soy sauce.

Extra bowls and spoons.

We ordered a lot of food, which is typical for our family whenever we’re trying out a new joint. We ordered California Maki Salad, Dynamite Roll, Uni Sushi, Tuna Sashimi, (Tonkatsu) Buta Kakuni Miso Ramen, Chicken Teriyakil, Crispy/Curnchy Squid Teriyaki, Agedashi Tofu, and Gyudon. Most of the food we ordered were good but, like I said, this restaurant didn’t really stand our from the rest. The waitress told us 15 minutes into our meal that Uni (Sea Urchin Roe) was not available; then, much later, claimed it already was. Having ordered so much food for three people to properly consume, we decided not to push through with the Uni Sushi. We definitely love the Crispy Squid Teriyaki and it was, as it name implies, crunchy and very savory. I like the Dynamite Roll; although, I would still prefer Red Kimono and Nihon Bashitei’s version of the said dish. I didn’t care for the Agedashi Tofu and only kept snacking on it because I like tofu. The sauce was too bland and too runny for me. I can’t help but compare it with Rai Rai Ken’s version of the popular Japanese fried tofu dish. The Tuna Sashimi was fresh but it was pretty obvious that whoever sliced it was no Sushi Master.

I like the (Tonkatsu) Buta Kakuni Miso Ramen because it was good for three people to share. We were given the choice between a Shoyu and a Miso soup base; and as expected, I chose the latter because I love the fermented taste. The Gyudon was good for three people as well and it tasted good too. Reminds me of the Sukiyakidon I used to order from the Aristocrat back when I was still in College.

I didn’t touch the California Maki Salad because it looked plain and uninteresting to me. I wanted to order the Spicy Tuna Salad but I was not able to get myself to say to my Mom. One, because she’s my mother; and two, she’s the one paying the bill (LOL).

The soda was obnoxously priced at 78Php per can, by the way. My Mom and my sister ordered Watermelon shake, and it’s priced at 128Php per glass.

Tuna Sashimi

California Maki Salad

Dynamite Roll

Agedashi Tofu

Crunchy/Crispy Squid Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki

(Tonkatsu) Buta Kakuni Miso Ramen


Naruto (The real one! LOL!)

I would have enjoyed my dining experience even more if a fly was not buzzing around the restaurant. My Mom inquired about it and she was told that it’s a “mall problem”. I kept my mouth shut to keep myself from saying anything snarky. If there’s a problem, shouldn’t you find a way to resolve it?

I haven’t really figured out how I will go about rating my foodie adventures but it would definitely be N out of 5 somethings (as per usual). For John and Yoko, I would give it a disappointing 3.5 out of 5 somethings. The servings were big and the price was sort of reasonable. Taste-wise, it does not stand that much compared to other Japanese restaurants like Red Kimono and Rai Rai Ken. Would I recommend it? Yes and only for the sake of trying out a new place. How soon would I go back to John and Yoko? Not anytime soon. Perhaps this rating will change once I try the other dishes there and if I come at a better time.


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Mondays, how much do I hate thee?

Hello WordPress.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Rage Niikura and I am the bastard child of Tabulas and LiveJournal. It’s been years since I actually posted an honest-to-goodness blog and I am quite disappointed with myself for wasting valuable time. Time that should have been spent exercising my brain cells and letting the world know that a person like me actually exists. Diversity in the blogging community keeps it going, and I am saddened by the fact that commercialism has taken over that role. In hindisght, I was amazed at the different path that blogging has taken and how the on-line community let itself be led towards it. Perhaps, I am no longer aware of the goings-on in the blogging community and I should stop criticizing it without even knowing what has happened in the last 5 or so years.

Anyway, I am appalled that my writing skills aren’t what they used to be; not that I was a blogger of noteworthy proportions. Atleast before, I used to be able to type and think like it was second nature to me. Now, I have to think, delete, type, delete, think, and sometimes, completely give up on a sentence. Any sense of technical-know-how is obviously missing and very indicative of the ‘wrong turn’ my ‘so-called writing skills’ had taken. My thoughts are all over the place and quite frankly, I am embarrased that my first WordPress post is at a dismal level. Lack of practice has obviously taken it’s toll on my mind and the only thing I am capable of, as far as writing is concerned, is composing bland and tasteless business e-mails; packed full of unnecessary niceties that I and my other co-workers can go without.

Boring Monday. I have taken my lunch and is currently locked up in the master bedroom because the heat is unbearable. Just in case you’re wondering, I live in the Philippines; where the sun is always two blocks away from you. I set the air conditioner at 16 degrees, grabbed my laptop, and started browsing through digitized bullcrap. I plan to go to work earlier than usual, maybe around 8PM or 7PM, because I have a lot of pending workload to finish. Before preparing for another day(night) of bureaucracy, I decided to heal a portion of myself by doing what I used to do best. Blogging.

Blogging has been a source of comfort when I was still in College, toiling away in the Universitie’s publication office or cramming a multitude of information into my head in the library. It has always been an outlet for my rants and my raves; and of my perverse, literary mind. I don’t think people believe me when I say that I’m a writer. Self-proclaimed, yes; but a writer nonetheless. Blogging has introduced me to a whole, new world; filled with communities that cater to my wants and my needs. The long hiatus from this world turned me into who I am today; a bitter, hopeless, jaded, and coffee-reliant loser.

Why did I fall into stereotype? I mean, really? Why me of all people?

I am exactly who I didn’t want to be. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Of course, I am not saying that blogging was my only Life, and I don’t intend or plan for it to be. What I am saying is that this activity was a big part of who I was; and when I started working, I slowly but surely let it slip away. I was the one who lost a part of myself; not my work, not my boss, not my co-workers. Me. So today, April 16, 2012, I decided to start looking for that missing part. I will try my best to be who I was, then work my way towards the person I’ve always wanted to be.

If you ask me right now who I want to be, I won’t be able to provide you a concrete answer. I do know who I don’t want to be and I have already let that person materialize right in front of my eyes. In a couple of hours, I have to get ready to face the sad reality that I have created for myself. At the very least, I can give myself a pat on the back for trying something that has scared me for years.

WordPress, I trust myself with you.