[Random Food Post] The Spicy Ramyeon Challenge

I have seen a several vloggers on YouTube who have tried the Spicy Noodle/Ramyeon challenge. I’ve always wanted to try this particular Ramyeon but it’s so hard to find in my area; atleast, it’s not available in the supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores that I frequent. I chanced upon this Ramyeon in a not-so-out-of-the-way convenience store located near a condotel that my friend and I stayed at in early April (2016). It is a Korean convenience store so I knew I would find it there.

I wanted to buy more than one but I didn’t know exactly how spicy it is. Take note, I love spicy food but I needed to determine first if: 1) I can actually handle the level of spiciness of this Korean Ramyeon, and 2) if I would actually like the flavor.


  1. It’s not as spicy as I thought it would be. Do take note though that I LOVE spicy food and I (may) have built a tolerance for it. If I weren’t a chili head, I might have ended up crying and sweating while eating this and I may not have finished it.
  2. The spice overwhelmed any other flavor this Ramyeon might have had. That’s all I can taste really. I was hoping it had more flavor dimension; then I realized, I’m eating Ramyeon (for crying out loud). There’s no such thing as “flavor dimension”.
  3. I probably won’t seek it like I did before. I’ve had far better (cup) Ramyeon that this. If I start seeing it in my local grocery store, I may consider buying it but won’t stock up on it.


Do you know of any other food challenges that I can do? Please leave a comment. 😉





I thought it was so spicy that I won’t be able to finish it buuuuuuut…